I. General terms
  1. The Nursery of Ornamental Plants ‘Clematisy’ enables the conclusion of contracts for the sale of goods presented in the Store via the Internet.
  2. The owner of the Fruttii website and the data controller is: Nursery of Ornamental Plants ‘CLEMATISY’ M.K.J WĘDROWSCY Sportowa 1a 83-211 Kolincz Poland NIP 9570721698 REGON 192647942 Registered by the Provincial Plant Protection and Seed Inspectorate in Gdańsk under number 22/13/9539
  3. Purchase in this online store means that you have read and accepted these regulations, and given consent to the processing by the Seller of the Buyer’s personal data for purposes related to the implementation of the order and for the marketing purposes of our store.
II. Order submission and execution procedure
  1. An order can only be placed on the store’s website (online).
  2. The store accepts online orders 24 hours a day, all days of the week. Orders placed on non-working days will be processed on the first working day following the day on which the order was placed.
  3. In order to place an order, select the products and quantity by ‘adding’ them to the basket.
  4. Sending the order by the Customer (confirmation with the “Confirm order” button) constitutes the Customer’s offer to the ‘Clematisy’ Ornamental Plants Nursery regarding the conclusion of the Sales agreement, in accordance with the Regulations and the order placed.
  5. The basic condition for the implementation of purchases made is the correct filling in the contact details along with a valid, existing e-mail address and telephone number at which it will be possible to confirm the order.
  6. In the event of circumstances preventing from the execution of the order placed, we reserve the right to suspend the execution of the order – we will immediately notify the Ordering Party about the situation.
  7. Orders with incorrectly filled in contact details will not be processed.
  8. The prices of goods in the Fruttii online store are given in the national currency and are gross prices.
  9. On request, we issue a Receipt (we do not issue VAT invoices). In order to receive the Receipt, you must correctly fill in the company’s data along with the tax identification number (NIP).
  10. The content of the store’s websites should be treated as an invitation to conclude a contract, and the images of products presented on the store’s websites do not constitute an offer for sale within the meaning of the Civil Code.
  11. The products are delivered to the address indicated by the UPS shipping company.
  12. Shipping costs – according to the shipping price list in the Payment and Shipping tab.
  13. Without prejudice to the Customer’s right to withdraw from the contract in accordance with the relevant legal provisions, the Customer may cancel the order before receiving the confirmation of the purchase offer from the Store, i.e. before receiving an e-mail confirming the acceptance of the order for execution. In this case, the Customer should immediately contact the store by e-mail, providing the order number in the title.
III. Complaints
  1. If the Customer finds that the goods are damaged during transport, it is recommended that the Customer draws up a damage report in the presence of the courier.
  2. Each item purchased in the store may be complained in accordance with the terms and conditions of the complaint set out in the relevant legal provisions, if it has defects that constitute its non-compliance with the concluded sales contract. The complaint may be submitted by post by sending the goods back together with a written description of the defect by courier to the following address: Nursery of Ornamental Plants ‘Clematisy’ ul. Sportowa 1a, 83-211 Kolincz, Poland, with a note: Complaint. Complaints may also be submitted by sending information to the e-mail address. The Customer’s complaint should contain a short description of the complaint. The Store will make every effort to ensure that the reported complaints are considered as soon as possible, but not later than 14 days from the date of receipt of the complaint by the Store. The Customer will be informed about the method of considering the complaint via a message sent to the e-mail address provided by the Customer.
  3. If the complaint is accepted, the Customer may choose the following options: a / shipping new plants at the expense of the Store b / refund (up to 5 working days, to the bank account number provided by the Customer)
  4. The Customer has the right to withdraw from the sales contract without giving any reason within 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods and return the goods as soon as possible to the Store at his/her own expense. Withdrawal from the contract should be reported from the e-mail address provided in the order.
IV. Confidentiality and Security of Transactions
  1. The Fruttii website applies SSL security systems for personal data and transactions. Sending personal data when registering in the Store, when making purchases and when logging in are sent via an encrypted connection.
  2. We do not provide third parties with any information about the Customer using our Fruttii website and the store.
  3. By registering and purchasing in the store, the Customer agrees to the processing of his/her personal data in order to implement the order and for the marketing purposes of our store.
  4. We make every effort to protect the personal data of the Store’s customers against unauthorized access in accordance with the law.
  5. Each Customer has the right to inspect his/her data, correct them and demand that their processing be stopped. In the event of a request to stop processing personal data, they are removed from our database.